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Painted Furniture

Painted Furniture:

Covid Projects


During Covid, the long drive to Montana to visit my bronze foundry became problematic, along with my usual two-night stay in a motel there, and dinners in restaurants. I could not get comfortable with all of that. So I found a new creative outlet: taking shabby old pieces of furniture and reimagining them to give them a colorful new life, in my studio at home in Wyoming. Some of the pieces I transformed were already in my basement, others I was given once this body of work had begun to develop, a few I bought at second-hand stores. 

In each case, all the time while I was sanding, patching, re-sanding and priming, I was getting in touch with the shapes that made up the piece and figuring out what was the best thing for that shape to become. Among the most successful of these are the fruit-and-vegetable chair's carrot and radish spindles and zucchini-blossom legs, and the waterhole chair's giraffe backs. The trompe-l'oeil folding table was a good flat surface for an idea I already had before starting to work on that piece. 


This is just a small sampling of the roughly twenty pieces I have done to date. Most of the pieces are not for sale--I have incorporated them in my house and want to keep them--but I would also enjoy doing commissions.

For enlargements and other information, click on the pictures.

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