My very newest pieces are made up of components knitted in yarn, immersed in wax, cast in bronze and assembled to create abstract evocative sculptures.

I've also had fun recently making small bronze boxes cast from crocheted yarn, topped with small creatures (birds are essential of course, but also fish and butterflies), and colored cheerfully with jewel tones or iridescence. 

The boxes are an outgrowth of the crocheted Moebius strip pieces. Those fluttery organic crocheted edges suggested to me seaweed or coral reefs, so many of those pieces house fish rather than birds. See the Reefs and Moebius Crochet pages.


And here are five brand new Ruins--numbers 13-17. Numbers 16 and 17 revisit the knitted yarn and combine it with the Ruins idea.  Most of the Ruins on the "Ruins" page are also quite new. 

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