Moebius Strip

Trees with Birds


Award-winning sculptor Amy Bright Unfried casts her limited-edition sculptures in bronze. The artist values bronze for its endurance, beauty and extraordinary tensile strength. She has become interested in the topological form of the Moebius strip and has made nearly two hundred small pieces exploring the wide variety of ways of shaping and combining this simple form. A Moebius Strip is a mathematical object with only one surface and one edge 

The Moebius Strip bronze sculptures juxtapose the soft art of knitting (or sometimes crocheting) with the great tensile strength of bronze to create unique and colorful compositions that sway and dance.  

The Moebius strip used in every piece is frequently seen as a symbol of infinity.  Here the strips are twisted, combined, textured and colored in endless ways–to create an infinite number of possibilities where birds, also an essential component of every piece, suggest motion, uplift, flight, and freedom.