New Work

A few of the forty-plus new pieces made in the past year, incorporating jewel colors and new ways to try twisting a strip. The newest ones start with crochet rather than knitting.

Click image to enlarge and for further information.

  • Large Green Reef with Gold, Blue and Silver Fish
  • Large Gold and Blue Reef with Ten Fish
  • Gold and Blue Reef with Five Silver and Blue Fish
  • Lace Crochet Reef with Five Fish
  • Red Reef with Seven Fish
  • Large Green Reef with Seven Fish
  • Silver Crochet Loop with Blue and Green Butterfly
  • Iridescent Green Loop with Two Green Birds
  • Iridescent Green Loop with Two Gold Birds
  • Iridescent Green Crochet Loop with Five Green Birds
  • Silver Crochet Loop with Black Bird in Flight
  • Blue and Violet Crochet Loops, Two Fancy-Tailed Birds
  • Orange Wave Crochet
  • Small Orange Crochet Loop with Two Gold Birds
  • Long Green
  • Peach Lace Crochet with Two Gold Birds
  • Light Green Wave with Silver Bird
  • Conversation in Black and Gray
  • Kelp II
  • Turquoise Crochet Loop
  • Blue Wave Crochet
  • Blue Wave Crochet