New Work

A few of the many new pieces made in the past year, incorporating jewel colors and new ways to try twisting a strip. The newest ones start with crochet rather than knitting, and frequently the organic flutter of the crocheted pieces suggests seaweed or coral reefs, so those pieces house fish rather than birds.

Additionally, I have begun a series of small bronze boxes cast from crochet, topped with small creatures, and colored cheerfully.

See also the "Ruins" page-- most of them are quite new. And I recently did a figurative piece, a portrait of my granddaughter.

Click any image to enlarge it and get further information.

  • Six Boxes with Birds
  • Three Boxes with Butterflies
  • Two Crochet Boxes with Birds
  • Two Crocheted Boxes with Fish
  • Tall Lacy Reef with Turquoise Fish (Reef 12)
  • Two Crocheted Boxes
  • Small Mesh Reef with Turquoise Fish (Reef 13)
  • Four Mini Boxes
  • Small Crochet Reef with Turquoise Fish (Reef 14)
  • Three Blue Boxes with Fish
  • Oval Mesh Reef, Turquoise and Green, Gold Fish (Reef 15)
  • Red and Gold Reef with Seven Gold and Silver Fish
  • Lila
  • Blue and Gold Reef with Blue and Gold Fish
  • Blue and Gold Reef with Five Fish
  • Small Green Crochet Ring with Two Gold Birds
  • Cloudy Sky Loop with Three Silver Birds
  • Round Green Reef with Nine Fish
  • Lozenge-Shaped Green Reef with Gold, Silver and Blue Fish
  • Large Green Reef with Gold, Blue and Silver Fish
  • Large Gold and Blue Reef with Ten Fish
  • Gold and Blue Reef with Five Silver and Blue Fish
  • Lace Crochet Reef with Five Fish
  • Red Reef with Seven Fish
  • Large Green Reef with Seven Fish
  • Blue and Violet Crochet Loops, Two Fancy-Tailed Birds